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Yoel Valdes Short Answer : 1. A network attached storage is a server connected to a network with the sole purpose of providing storage. - Use opt to add up to 6 TB or more . 2. The advantages of SAS are thinner , longer cables , reduced interference , less expensive , support for many more connected devices once , and faster speeds. - Support connections to optical disc drives , printers , scanners , digital camera , and other devices . 3. The difference between the single session disc and the mulrisession disc are that a single session disc manufactures write all items on the disc at one time and the multisession disc means you can write on part of the disc at one time and another part at a later time . - The purpose of archive discs and picture CDs is to preserve photos . 4. People use memory cars because enable mobile users easily to transport digital photos ,
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Unformatted text preview: music and files . -Memory stick PRO Duo that is use for digital cameras , smart phones , handed games consoles and has the capacity of 1 to 16 GB , XD Picture card that is use for digital cameras , photo printers and has the capacity of 256 MB to 2 GB . Memory stick micro (M2)that is use for smart phones and has the capacity of 1 to 16 GB , micro SDHC that is use to smart phones , portable media players , handed navigation device and has the capacity of 4 to 16 . 5. The difference are that the microfilm is the device that records the images on the film and the microfiche reduce the amount of paper firms . - Microfilm is use for stored images and the microfiche is use to reduce amount of papers firms most handled ....
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