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1 Erikson’s Timeline University Of Phoenix Stephanie Price PSY/230
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2 According to Erik Erikson there are eight stages of life. I believe I am currently in the seventh stage which is mature adulthood. If I would just look at my actual age and refer that to Erikson’s timeline it would be either young adulthood or mature adulthood. The reason that I chose mature adulthood as my stage of life is because of where I am in my life and what I have accomplished. According to the reading Erik Erikson’s idea of mature adulthood is the long period of life that follows young adulthood and is before old age. A prototype for this stage is raising children. I am at the point in my life where I am raising my son full time and it does fill my need to be needed. It is just the concept of being a good and caring parent that makes me feel like my life is worthwhile. There are different ways to be generative as an adult and that could be through an occupation, creative activity or through community involvements. Erikson’s idea is that a
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Erikson - 1 Eriksons Timeline University Of Phoenix...

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