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Motivation Evaluation Of the three major views which are Psychoanalytic, Humanistic and Diversity I agree mostly with the Diversity view. I do believe that people are motivated by many different things. Some are motivated by classes of goals and incentives and others are motivated by their own goals and incentives. I also agree with people respond due to the past and anticipate the future. As we go through our lives we create memories that stay with us, we may suppress them as life goes on but they contribute to our anticipations of the future. Psychoanalytic view is the one I agree with the least. There a several reason I do not agree with this view like the statement that we are not masters of our own fate, I believe just the
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Unformatted text preview: opposite, we go through life in complete control of our actions which would create our fate,. I think the decisions we make in life contribute to our fate. I do not think that forces which we can not control determine all of human behavior either, I think we are in complete control of behavior. It may be influences through experiences and our environment but the decisions are still our choice. The only part of this view I agree with is that there are powerful forces within us and they can be traced back to our primitive drives and instincts....
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