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My Experience - this was the confidence booster that I...

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My Experience I have a habit to choose events that are negative and talk about them. I decided that I wanted to talk about a positive event that changed my personality over the past few years. I was a rambunctious teenager and young adult. I enjoyed being loud, rude and drinking. I was in a relationship that felt like it was going nowhere just like my job. I made good money but it was still manual labor. I was at a point in my life where I thought that was all I was going to be. There became a job opportunity at work in the Human Resources department for a payroll associate. I applied for it and interviewed for the position, never thought I would actually get the position due to lack of experience and self-confidence. I am sure you can guess that I got the job;
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Unformatted text preview: this was the confidence booster that I needed in my life. Since then I have changed for the better. It made me realize that I have more to love for and my son needed to see the right way to live. Now I do not go out to the bars and I am a very nice person and my personality changed to reflect a warm and caring person versus the rude ignorant person I was before. I tell this story to people and they do not believe that I was rude person because most of them know me as the nice girl. I think that my environment influenced my personality more than genetics. My mom is very nice but can be nasty if she needs to be and my dad is cynical. I would say at least half of my personality today has been influenced by my environment....
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