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Personal Constructs Kelly’s theory of personal constructs basically says that a person’s unique psychological process is channeled by the way we anticipate events. Each of us has a psychological task to put in order the facts of our behavior or our experiences. Personal constructs are related directly to social perspectives. In fact our social perspectives are determined by our personal constructs. We apply our personal constructs to anything we pay attention to. Constructs have two extremes, happy and sad. We will place people either in the middle or at one extreme or the other. This is all based on our personal constructs that we have developed through experience. We will categorize a person or an event based on the set of concepts that
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Unformatted text preview: we give it. The way I think determines how I will respond to the world around me. Personal constructs are directly related to our behavior. We will create a personal construct based on the experiences that we have had and react accordingly. If we have a negative experience with a particular person it can create a personal construct to that type of person. We will react to people, places and things in our lives based on our past experiences. Our experiences in life determine our personal constructs which is demonstrated through of behavior....
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