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Scientific Process The first step in the scientific process is unsystematic observation; this is the look listen and feels part of the process. However it is done the first step is going to be to observe the situation. It is the exploration and ordering what we are observing and putting it into an order or classification. I can relate this part of the process when I took a look at my love life. I needed to take a step back and evaluate my past and found a pattern as to why relationships did not last. This was part of the scientific process I used to better understand my behavior. The second part of the scientific process is to build a theory. This is where after the observing the situation, I was able to organize my thoughts and build a theory to better understand my behavior. After
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Unformatted text preview: observing the poor choices in the men I was dating, I was able to come to build a theory that it came from online dating sites and not allowing myself time to get to the person by judging them by the way they looked. The third step in the scientific process is to evaluate propositions. After I went through the first two steps and evaluated my behavior and developed a theory it was time to make a proposition in order to change or at least understand my behavior. By the time I was done with this process I was able to realize I was a very superficial person and it was time to look past the surface and get to know a person before judging them....
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