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The first position is the Neurophysiological substrates; this is the patterns in the central nervous system. This is what causes the behavior and is able to account for the consistencies with each situation. The second position is the behavioral dispositions position which is where the traits are that causing us to act, think and feel. This is where we build our behavior from. The third position is the act frequencies which shape the way we act in a situation. The fourth position is the linguistic categories are where human behavior is made sense of and experience is understood. I most agree with the behavioral dispositions
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Unformatted text preview: because i think traits have to with how we act and think about things and how we feel as well. The traits describe our behavior and that is what allows us to have our functioning influenced. The position I least agree with is the act frequencies I do think that traits summarize our behavioral acts but honestly of the four it is the least that I can relate to. The other three I agree with more than this one and it is just because the others I feel are more related to our traits and behavior than act frequencies....
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