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In reviewing my reading I have found that we are creators of our personal and social worlds. There are benefits from experiences of freedom and from being able to view ourselves as agents rather than pawns. We are also creatures of our worlds. The biological factors, past experience, and the present situation powerfully shape our behavior. When we understand the impact of external factors that enables us to make wise choices and exercise more effective control in changes that promote our well being. In carefully applying scientific method, psychology can help us sort fact from fiction. This can help us understand psychological disorders and illuminate our understanding of the roots and fruits of the human strengths. Positive psychology actually
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Unformatted text preview: has a long and rich history in the discipline. Most of the important theoretical perspectives contribute to the understanding of positive emotions, positive character, and positive institutions. The study of human strengths is a measurement of individual differences. In conclusion we are known as both creatures and creators of our personal and social worlds. The assessment of specific strengths and civic virtues, investigators from different theoretical perspectives contribute to our understanding of humans. By realizing that others have influence over what we decide we can begin to start making positive choices in life....
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