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The relationship that I have chosen to work on is the relationship with my son. With me working long hours and in college I have noticed that our relationship is not so good. Sometimes I think it would be easier if I was not a single mother but I do not have any choice in that matter. So the strategies that I will try out on my relationship with my son will be carve out time to talk, I think this will be very helpful to sit down and have conversations with my son and communicate with him on the day’s events and how he felt about things that happened. Since most relationships will last longer through communication I think this strategy will be most helpful. The other
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Unformatted text preview: strategy that I have chosen is showing affection. Knowing that someone loves you and them not having to say the words is very important. Just a simple hug when my son is sad or when he is hurting would be better than just saying it will be ok or giving advice. Sometime just knowing what someone is saying through affection is more than hearing the words. So I think that if I make sure that I show my son lots of affection he will know that I love him without having to say the actual words. Both of these strategies will assist me in building a better relationship with my son....
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