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Week 3 checkpoint - same opinion of this man due to the...

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Coincidently this falls right into my life. There were some acquisitions made about my son’s grandfather. I have made an opinion of this man a long time ago. I never like this man. In my opinion he is rude, mean, selfish, hateful and an all around sick man. My opinion has been developed over a few years of countless incidents that have done nothing but show me these exact characteristics. My son has told me that this man has hurt him, I am in the middle of not knowing what is going on and since I already do not have a very good opinion of this man I do not think it will ever change. Even if this proves to be false statements I still think I will have the
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Unformatted text preview: same opinion of this man due to the thing I have seen for myself. I am unwilling to make any efforts to change the basics of our relationship, which right now is nonexistent. I have no relationship with this person. This judgment was not made on a snap, at first it was a snap judgment based off the way he acted which just did not sit well with me. I would notice him looking at little girls around the ages of 10-14 and finding them attractive. That is just plain sick and disgusting to me. I do not wish to make any effort to change this relationship or change my opinion of this person....
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