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The public figure that I chose is Thomas M. Salmon. He is a state auditor who was arrested for a DUI. He went public after the DUI arrest and made an apology to his friends, neighbors and voters. It was reported that his BAC (blood alcohol concentration) was .086; the legal limit in Vermont is .08. I think there was a lack of both emotional intelligence and successful intelligence that caused lack of judgment. I feel this was because for someone who is otherwise intelligent, there had to be a reason to have had a lack of good judgment at the time he chose to drive after been drinking. The successful intelligence comes from not thinking about his career and what this would do with being in the public eye. By not thinking of everything completely
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Unformatted text preview: through he made some pretty poor decisions. Salmon was lacking some wisdom in this situation as well. The reason I say that is because with being in the public eye, working with the police and attorneys, you would think that he would have had some knowledge as to what the legal limits are and knew how to determine how he could have to drink and be able to stay under the legal limit. I think by drinking in the first place he made a poor decision. Once a person takes one drink the judgment becomes impaired. That was the first decision of bad judgment that just seemed to escalate from there....
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