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I have the ultimate goal to lose weight. I am overweight and I feel unhealthy. This is a hard goal for me achieve, I seem to fall back into the same old patterns and I go back to gaining weight again. I will lose a few pounds even a whole pant size and then I will stop eating right and exercising and I will gain it all back. After reviewing the suggestions for fostering commitment I have re evaluated my goal. Instead of trying to lose weight I will set my goal as to eat healthier. I also think I should transform the I “should” exercise to a I “want” to exercise. By doing that I
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Unformatted text preview: think it will help my mind get into a mode where I do not feel like I am dieting and I will be doing good for myself. One of the suggestions is enact commitments, just doing it. Sometimes I feel that way, I will think to myself, just do it. It was very interesting to read that my commitment can be strengthened not only by changing my thoughts but also changing my actions. By changing both the way I think about getting healthy and then taking action on it I think I will a success. I plan to stop thinking of it as I should do it and instead thinking of it as I want to do it....
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