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There are 12 factors that were discussed; my action plan will use all of them to create an action plan to become humble. The first step is to admit bias, admitting that I am better than average not just thinking it. Seeing me favorably is big step to make. Secondly is to get accurate feedback, I will make sure the people I get the feedback from will give me positive feedback. This will be encouraging to me to receive positive accurate feedback. Third step in the action plan is to learn to laugh at myself. I already seem to do a pretty good job at laughing at myself but could use improvement as far as when I make mistakes I tend to be hard on myself and I plan to lighten up a little bit and laugh about thing a little more. Another big step in the plan to become more humble is to learn from other cultures. Realizing that we are all as a whole and being aware of the different cultures will help with being humble. The fifth step is to cultivate the other strengths, by showing gratitude, empathy and compassion that will work on being humble. The
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