Childhood Development and Sexual Behavior

Childhood Development and Sexual Behavior - while at home...

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Childhood Development and Sexual Behavior Being a parent myself I was surprised when my son started some of these behavior that were discussed in chapter eight, reassuring that they are normal behaviors however. Sexual behaviors start at birth when many boys are born with erections and in the first few weeks have erections. For females it is harder to see the sexual behavior as it is vaginal lubrication. When an infant becomes around the age 8-10 months they can begin to thrust their pelvic area. Its not uncommon for orgasms to take place at early stages of life either, they can occur as early as 5 months for boys and 4 months for girls. Masturbation begins at 6 to 12 months of age by the infant rubbing their genitals against soft objects. As the child gets older the more developed these behaviors will become. Between the ages of 2 and 9 the child will attempt to touch mom’s breasts or other women as curiosity begins towards others. The child may touch their private area
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Unformatted text preview: while at home and as hand coordination becomes more developed the masturbation with the hands starts to occur. By the age of 9 the child will develop a close friend that they feel they can confide in, tell secrets to and experiment with. This is also known as “doctor” or “show”. This is where two children show their body parts which may include touching. The doctor is pretty much the same thing where you are showing each other the private parts. Around this same age is where attractions start toward the opposite sex. Being a parent it can be challenging to see these behaviors in your child especially since most parents do not realize this is normal and healthy behavior. I think that a parent should be open and honest about what the child is doing but also keep things at an age appropriate level....
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