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Critical Thinking and Sexual Decision Making Checkpoint WK1

Critical Thinking and Sexual Decision Making Checkpoint WK1...

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Critical Thinking and Sexual Decision Making Checkpoint First I had to think about what critical thinking actually meant, basically not taking something for granted, willingness to think by challenging the conventional ways and common knowledge. As I thought about my personal experiences in this matter I was reminded of something that happened recently. I had dated this a year ago and the timing was all wrong for us we wanted different things in life, so we broke up. Just recently started talking again, he was feeling cautious about trying to make things work again since it had
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Unformatted text preview: not before and he was left broken hearted. So there was an evening I was at his house watching a movie, was too tired to drive home so he offered to let me stay the night. We both knew that we did not want to have sex yet, wanted to make sure it was going to be more. As we were lying in bed things started to get hot and heavy. I pulled back and stopped to think for a minute what the consequences would be if we continued and we both decided it was best to stop and we did. In this situation I feel we both used critical thinking in the matter....
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