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Sexual Techniques Masturbation was not always accepted as it is today. In the 18 th and 19 th century it was thought to be deviant and unhealthy. In the 18 th century the medical opinion of masturbation was that it caused diseases like tuberculosis, memory loss and epilepsy. In the 19 th century medical authorities thought that certain foods made a person feel sexually stimulated. These foods were things like chocolate and coffee. In today’s society masturbation is more widely accepted than it ever has been. There are different sexual techniques that are expressed with another person or people. The first is foreplay; this act includes cuddling, kissing, petting and oral stimulation. There are differences between males and females when it comes to foreplay. Women want foreplay to last longer and men do not. The main reason is that a woman can with stand a longer period of time being sexually stimulated than a man. Kissing is the something that is universal and is in all cultures all over the world. Kissing is a sign of affection, enjoyment or can lead to
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