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Sexuality and Value Systems Checkpoint WK1

Sexuality and Value Systems Checkpoint WK1 - a child as a...

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Sexuality and Value Systems Checkpoint I can relate to the situational ethics where the decision making should be based on genuine love for others rather than moral rules. I can relate to the abortions taking another human life, but can also see where a person may feel they have no other choice. I am definitely pro-life although I have personally had an abortion, I feel guilty that I felt that I had no other choice due to not being educated. I do feel there are situations such as rape where an abortion should be an option. I personally would not want to give birth to
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Unformatted text preview: a child as a result of a rape. I can also relate to the ethical relativism because diverse values are a fundamental to human existence. I can see where pre-marital sex is not acceptable; it is more now than it used to be. I am guilty of premarital sex and as a result of that I bore a child out of wedlock. I do believe there is nothing wrong with premarital sex....
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