Sexuality at different life stages

Sexuality at different life stages - 1 Sexuality at...

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1 Sexuality at different life stages Stephanie Price University of Phoenix PSY265
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2 There are many different stages that we go through in our lives and this includes different sexual stages. When we are younger we are thinking about of first time having sex and how do we know when the right time is. Being an adolescent there is peer pressure involved when it comes to sex. As we get older there are different decisions to make, keeping your significant other interested and issues with being able to perform. As a married couple something that is faced is keeping sex interesting and making time for each other. As we move into the retirement age it becomes more important to be able to perform. There are different stages of life and different sexual decisions to make during this time. Anne being younger and having an older boyfriend the pressure for her to have sex with him is high. Anne’s mother being a major influence in her life could be causing Anne to either be hesitant to have sex with her boyfriend in fear that her mother is correct and he just want to take advantage if her. Anne could also fall to the opposite side of the decision making process, that would be wanting to prove her mother wrong and having sex with her boyfriend before she is ready. If I was counseling Anne my advice would be to have an open line of communication with both her boyfriend and her mother. Anne should tell her boyfriend that she is not ready to have
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Sexuality at different life stages - 1 Sexuality at...

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