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There are five styles of love and they are romantic love, game-playing love, friendship, logical love and possessive excited love. I have chosen to compare and contrast game-playing love and possessive excited love. My first scenario explains what game playing love is like. Sarah is dating Tom and they have only been seeing each other for just a little over three months and Tom still has not fully committed himself to Sarah seems to always be a little distant from her and seems a little secretive. Tom gets over his relationships fast and is not ready to fully commit to one girl; in fact he keeps a back-up girlfriend so when the current one does not work out he has one to fall back on. This is game-playing love; Tom is playing the love game with Sarah. My next scenario will explain a possessive exited love, Kim and Andy are dating. Andy likes to go out with his guy friends at least twice a month and Kim is not fond of this. When Andy goes out with his friends Kim tries not to text him to find out what he is doing but she just
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