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Deviance - signs of sexuality In this culture it is legal...

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Deviance is a recognized violation of a culture norm. There are so many different laws in the United States and other countries it would be easy to violate one without realizing it. “Around the world, deviance is even more diverse.”(The Basics, 2008, Macionis) In Iran a woman may be arrested for wearing makeup. Where as in the United States is perfectly normal and not illegal for a woman to wear makeup. The difference between the two cultures is the way women are viewed. In Iran men are given the power to make all the family decision. Women become their possession, well in their culture more like a slave. There is a dress code for women in Iran that states they must be covered at all times and display no
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Unformatted text preview: signs of sexuality. In this culture it is legal for girls to be married at the age of nine and it is ok for men to have as many temporary wives and up to four actual wives. When it comes to crime and the difference between someone with power versus someone who has no power there are differences. If a person commits a crime and has power it is considered that they are protecting their interests and get police protection. If a person of no power commits the same crime they are arrested and provided not type of protection. References: 1. Society: The Basics, Eight Edition by John J. Macionis:2006 2. http://www.uri.edu/artsci/wms/hughes/khatami.htm...
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