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Urbanization - becoming over populated and becoming an...

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I have chosen Guam as my country of choice. The reason I chose Guam was my recent interaction with a young lady who grew up there and the stories I heard of her family. A little history of Guam is that it was ceded to the US in 1898 and captured by the Japanese in 1941 just to be taken back by the US three years later. As of 2009 the population count was 178,430, the highest population as far as age is between the ages of 15-64. The urbanization population is 93% of the population. The rate of urbanization is 1.3%. The growth of Urbanization in poor countries is because of problems they have due unemployment, poverty, poor sanitation, and slums. Urbanization is defined as a rural area
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Unformatted text preview: becoming over populated and becoming an urban area. Urbanization is happening in Guam due to the number of births increasing and the number of deaths decreasing. The more people are born and the less who pass away will create the area to become over populated and become urban. In Guam there are more males than females and the birth rate as of 2004 is 19.31 births to 1,000 people. Guam is a slow moving urbanization as of 2004. References: Guam. (n.d). Retrieved from EBSCO host . http://www.populationenvironmentresearch.org/papers/Nsiah-Gyaabah_contribution.pdf...
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