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When I think about my social status I hold myself high. The reasons for this are because I am the first person in my family to go to college and I am not just months from earning my first degree. It has been a long time dream for me to get a college degree and knowing that I will be the first I am hoping to set a new standard in the family or at least be able to influence my son. I also hold my status high because of my job, I am in the Human Resources Department and that is a big accomplishment for me in my family. Most of my family has jobs like warehouse workers, housekeeping, and salesperson and so on. I feel I am high on the social status more recently because good things are happening to me at work and I am getting to travel and be the face of Payroll for my company. I am a very professional person and my interactions
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Unformatted text preview: at work for the most part are always professional. Since I have respect at work and people are able to come to me with problem that makes me feel important. I still think I am naive to the world. I like to think things are alright or have faith that things will be ok. I have been learning so much being in college my opinions are changing with new information. A person experience that helped shape my reality was when I moved into the payroll position from being a factory worker. Prior to my move up in my company I felt depressed, worthless, did not think I was going anywhere in life. Once I got the position I had a new look on things. I helped me decide to return to school....
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