Week 4 checkpoint - animals With the larger organization of...

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When I was in high school I was part of a social organization called FFA or also known as the Future Farmers of America. I was part of a smaller division of the large organization that is known worldwide. We would have meeting that were informal for our chapter. The membership criterion was based on the type of classes that I was in along with a fee. We had some formal aspects to the meeting as far as nominating students for president and secretary and things like that. The final year I was involved with the FFA we attended the formal events. We participated in the program on a larger scale. There were many differences between the local chapters and the coordinated events. One particular event I remember attending was at Penn State and it involved the whole state of Pennsylvania’s chapters in the FFA. It was very well organized and had competitions which included naming different apple species and the same with cows and other
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Unformatted text preview: animals. With the larger organization of the FFA there was clear leadership and well known who were the leaders. When it came to other class mates in my school there were very few that were involved in the FFA and many students did not take the time to learn the importance of farming and agriculture. Here is the plagiarism check I am not sure if this is how I am supposed to do this or not. Document Viewer Turnitin Originality Report • Processed on: 01-07-11 8:36 PM CST • ID: 165823282 • Word Count: 31 • Submitted: 1 Soc Week 4 By Stephanie Price Similarity Index 0% Similarity by Source Internet Sources: 0% Publications: 0% Student Papers: N/A Name Week Three CheckPoint Due 01/07/11 11:59pm Last Worked 01/07/11 7:16pm Current Score 87.7% (23.67 points out of 27) Number of times you can work each question unless otherwise indicated: unlimited...
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Week 4 checkpoint - animals With the larger organization of...

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