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Week one checkppoint - There are four research methods that...

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There are four research methods that have been discussed experiment, survey, participation observation and using available data. Experiment is for investigation cause and effect under controlled conditions. Survey is in which subjects respond to a series of questions in a questionnaire or interview. Participant observation is in which investigators observe people while they join the people in their everyday routines or lives. Using available data is just as it sounds using someone else’s data, this saves time and money and not all research involves collecting new data. The first article that I chose is “Suicide behavior among latino and latina adolescents: conceptual and methodological issues” ( Duarté-Vélez, Y., & Bernal, G. (2007). Suicide Behavior among Latino and Latina Adolescents: Conceptual and Methodological Issues. Death Studies , 31 (5), 435. Retrieved from MasterFILE Premier database.) In this article I have found that all the information that was used in this article came from other sources. I did not read anywhere
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