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After reading the article about Yanomamo, I was reminded just how different cultures can be. If I were to take the adventure described in the article I do not think anything would fully prepare me for the culture shock. Some things that I would need to learn would first to be how to shoot a bow and arrow. Since that is the way they eat, I would feel I need to do my own hunting to show that I do want to be a part of their culture and study there way of living. I would also want to do as much research as possible as their language would be very important. I do not think anything would prepare me for the welcome that he received, the smell and the way they looked. I personally have not traveled very much. The best description of a culture shock would be my first time to Harrisburg, PA. It is not much of a change from
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Unformatted text preview: where I currently live except when I entered the bad parts. I saw women on the street corner; trash built up over top of garages, children not much older than my son’s age playing alone no adult supervision. In my neighborhood these thing are not around. It is very important to know about the different culture before entering it. If Napoléon had no idea what kind of environment he was entering the shock of the people, the way they looked, the smell of the land, the language could have been very hard to take in. I do not think anything would have fully prepared him for the experience but I think being educated on the difference in the culture was a help....
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