International Trade Debate

International Trade Debate - By these two countries having...

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International Trade Debate Week 8 Day 3 Amanda Szary
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Today’s society we rely a lot on the international trade of goods and services that require use to be interdepend on each other. There are both supporters and opponents of this international trade. These supporters believe that the advantages of international trade will help increase the level of satisfaction of the goods and services. The opponents, feel that the international trade is a major disadvantage because of the increasing competition will hrut the domestic firms and affect employement rates. With international trade this allows different countries to take their products and items to different places. By intermingling these two countries to each other allows the economic concepts affect each other. The advantages refers to the ability to produce more of the goods and though making a competitor. By having the competitor that makes the other people reduce their prices on their product.
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Unformatted text preview: By these two countries having to engage in this trade it is actually a benefit to all. The United States place high tariffs and quotas that restrict trade to certain foreign countries, there are many advantages and disadvantages that are associated with this form of protectism. This protectism also starts a dependence of on these other countries for their money. When these high tariffs and quotas are implaced that means less amounts of the foreign trade so that mean there are less goods on the market. These foreign countries are also not as welling to trade things with us as well. They do not want to give us the lower competition because of these high tariffs in place. This also punishes us because of the fact that we are losing all of that money that could be spent here in the USA. By this money not being spent to into the United States that hurts us financially and economically because people are then losing jobs....
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International Trade Debate - By these two countries having...

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