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Sandra Du Chesne General Manager The Children’s Place 4532 TCP Ave Kings Landing, Il 65729 Dear Mrs. Du Chesne Thank you for the hard work and dedication you have provided us as a company. We are writing to you of some of the changes that will be coming to the store policies. These policy changes will affect you as well as your employees and the survival of the company. As of May 22, 2011 the store hours and employee hours will be changing. The store will no longer be open on Sunday and the weekly hours will change by opening an hour later in the morning and closing one hour earlier in the evenings. The full time employees will work at 10 hour shift for four days so that they will still have a 40 hour week. The part time employees will only be allowed to work three days per week.
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Unformatted text preview: These new hours will allow the employees to save time and money during these hard economic times as well as the company. If anyone asks the question of if we are planning to close any stores you can say at this time we are not and that is why we have changed the hours. As always the success of our stores will be up to the hard work and dedication of our employees. We want to thank everyone for the hard work that they provide us. Please feel free to share this information as well as the memo that is being sent to the employees, if anyone has any questions that you cannot answer please direct them to The Children’s Place Headquarters. Sincerely, Amanda Szary Public Relations Manager...
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