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store operations - memo - To help you guys keep the same...

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Memorandum e Date: 5-15-11 To; Store Associates From: Amanda Szary Re: Retail Store Operations and Modifications ……………………………………………………………… Due to the tough economical times we are currently facing and the extremely high gas prices, The Children’s Place will be making some changes to our current hours of operations. These changes will be more convenient for all of us since it will help us save time and money. This will also help the company remain to keep all of the stores open so we can continue to be the fashion store of all children’s clothing. Starting on May 22, 2011 our stores will no longer be open on Sundays. We also will be changing our hours of service during the week. The new hours will be shortened by one hour in the mornings and closing one hour earlier in the evenings on the Monday through Saturday.
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Unformatted text preview: To help you guys keep the same number of hours in your pay check we are going to swap everyone to a 10 hour day. To make this happen the full time employees will be working 4 ten hour days and the part time employees will work 3 days a week. These changes are allowing us to keep all of The Children Place stores open through these tough times and all of our employees working. We are doing everything we can to keep all of our current employees working and avoid having to lay anyone off. We want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication to us as a company. Please do not hesitate to ask your current manager if you have any question about any of these changes. Sincerely, Amanda Szary Public Relations Manager...
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store operations - memo - To help you guys keep the same...

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