Technological Advancements in Communication

Technological Advancements in Communication - This type of...

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Technological Advancements in Communication Superhero In the Cubicle Week 3 Day 5 Amanda Szary
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These types of technological advance communications are happening all over the world now. In the article “Superhero In the Cubicle” by Virginia Citrano, a few of these advancements were mentioned about how they are help us “simplify our jobs”. One of the popular tools would be the web tool Big Blue; this helps companies with things such as booking, record-keeping, blogging and other things important to office needs. This is considered to be a “social computing” source, these types of sources include blogs, mash- ups, and wiki. These types of advancements are a good form of communications but not for large groups. A second advancement discussed in the article is a wiki, this is a software server that lets users create a webpage for free and edit it from any browser. This is not a common user of groups either since anyone can edit the information.
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Unformatted text preview: This type of source is considered a form of “open editing” this isn’t good for the business professionals because of the fact that so many people can adjust the information on its server. A third type of technology advancement that was discussed is the new web 2.0. This is more interactive and informative. Since this is on the World Wide Web it can include other well known sites such as social networking sites, video and photo sharing, and more. These are not business friendly sites. This 2.0 site allows others to change the website content. If this site changed it format to a more professional manner than this communication could be used in the workplace and companies could benefit from it. At this time neither of these, wiki or Web 2.0, do not follow technological advance in the business communication but these two communication forms might soon be reformatting to this area....
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Technological Advancements in Communication - This type of...

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