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Technology- trendy communications

Technology- trendy communications - find customers or to...

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Technology – Trendy Communication Week 1 Day 3 Amanda Szary
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I personally do believe that most companies are making use of the technology available to them in the business communications areas. At this time in society I do not know of one business that does not have a website. Even if you cannot purchase items off of the website you can find out about deals or get coupons. Another form of communications most company’s use today is email. Again I cannot think of a company that does not use email. Even small companies have email now a day. There are so many free services out there that can help small businesses grow. The internet is another service that majority of company’s use in one form or another. They might use this service to
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Unformatted text preview: find customers or to use systems such as QuickBooks for all of their accounting systems. By being able to communicate to people in different places at any time is a very convenient ability for businesses. Even individual people have different ways to access their personal email or other technologies on the go. I even have the type of phone that gives me my email and internet access. At times I love this because I can be notified of things at any time and any place I am at but at other times it is very annoying because I would like to be left alone and not bothered. I know if I was a business owner I would have to have this type of technology so that I could keep track of things at all times....
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