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World Religions 1 Running head: WORLD RELIGIONS REPORT World Religions Report Ashley Giles Axia College HUM 130 April Casperson June 5, 2011 World Religions This paper presents research of the beliefs and practices of Roman Catholicism; describes the worship space of the church; summarizes an interview conducted with a believer; and finally, compares Roman Catholicism to Islam. The Roman Catholic Church’s origins come directly from the teachings of Jesus and his disciples, as do all denominations of Christianity. “Jesus sent his disciples into the entire world, and Paul had opened the church to the Gentiles. In a sense catholic Christianity was simply a development of Jesus’ plans and Paul’s efforts”. (Shelley, 1995) When Constantine became the first Christian Roman emperor in 313 A.D., Christianity became free from persecution and later even became the official religion of the Roman Empire.
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World Religions 2 This however; marked the unofficial end of the unified church as power plays and politics became as much a part of the church as the gospels themselves. In 1054, the Eastern Orthodox Church split from the unified Church over the principle of supreme authority being held by the Bishop of Rome (better known as the Pope). During this time, the Roman Catholic Church also established its own authority to teach and interpret scripture. “Individual believers are not encouraged to read the Bible and seek its meaning; instead the church will decide that and teach it to the believer”. (Anonymous, 2010) By the sixteenth century, the Protestant churches separated from the Roman Catholic Church as well. Although many religions and their varying sects have many beliefs and principles in common, a number of practices, beliefs, and political matters differ enough to warrant a split from other denominations. Sunni Muslims hold different beliefs from Shiite Muslims. Protestants have dissimilar practices to Lutherans. Baptist sermons are decidedly different from Catholic masses. Just as dissimilar denominations have different practices and principles, so too do the interiors of their worship space differ. With this in mind, the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament is the ideal place of worship to discuss for this paper. Founded in 1905 and “built between 1913 and 1915 to serve a prosperous parish” (Anonymous, 2010), the Cathedral’s address is 4200 N. Kentucky Ave. P.O. Box 4169 * Evansville, IN * 47724 Many consider the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament to be one of the most impressive churches in the city of Evansville and have been the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Evansville since 2003. The Cathedral’s interior is as impressive as its historic exterior. The walls are a soothing gray color that hints at the age and grandeur of its architecture.
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world religions - World Religions 1 Running head WORLD...

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