HCA240_Wk 6 CheckPoint Kidney Failure

HCA240_Wk 6 CheckPoint Kidney Failure - HCA/240 Week 6...

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HCA/240 Week 6 CheckPoint: Kidney Failure Due: Friday, February 11, 2011 Scenario A: Acute renal failure. Ms. Jones, a 68-year-old female, underwent open-heart surgery to replace  several blocked vessels in her heart. On her first day postoperatively, it was noted that she had very little  urine output. o What is happening to Ms. Jones’s kidneys, and why is it causing the observed  symptom?  What I believe happened to Mrs. Jones’s kidneys is because she had major surgery, she had lost a lot of blood, as having heart surgery. Acute renal failure is caused by decreased blood flow to the kidneys resulting from surgical shock( Mulvihill et al, 2006). Therefore, when your kidneys stop working, waste products, fluids, and electrolytes build up in your body, which may have caused little urine output. o   What other symptoms and signs might occur? Other signs or symptoms besides the symptom of little urine output that might happen are headaches, rapid heart rate, feeling dizzy, confused, anxious, restless or sleepy, the odor of ammonia on the breath, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting and pain on one side of the back, just below the rib cage and above the waist (flank pain) . In the most serious cases the symptoms can be muscle weakness, nausea, confusion, seizures, irregular heart rhythm, and fluid in the lungs and possible cardiac arrest due to a high amount of potassium in the blood ( Mulvihill et al, 2006) . . o
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HCA240_Wk 6 CheckPoint Kidney Failure - HCA/240 Week 6...

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