HCA240_Wk4 CheckPoint2_Radio Ad

HCA240_Wk4 CheckPoint2_Radio Ad - HCA/240 Week 4 CheckPoint...

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HCA/240 Week 4 CheckPoint 2: Radio Ad Due: Friday, January 28, 2011
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Radio Ad Announcer: Are you over 50 and want a healthy musculoskeletal system? Well stay tuned and you'll hear all about the risks and preventions from arthritis, osteoporosis to injuries from falls. Announcer: Hello and welcome to MyHealth. Today we have Dr. Smith here with us to talk about the musculoskeletal system and old age. Announcer: Dr. Smith can you tell our listening audience today, what risks are associated with the elderly and the musculoskeletal system Dr. Smith: Thank you for having me here. To answer you question, I am going to talk about three main factors of the musculosketal system that affects both women and men of the older generation, which is arthritis, osteoporosis and injuries from falls, which seems to fit hand-in-hand and have a lot of the same risks and preventions. As one gets older there are a number of things that happen to the musculoskeletal system. Arthritis is a common painful disease affecting the joints and bones of the body. There are several types of arthritis: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Another, osteoporosis is the decrease in the density of bone, decreasing its strength and resulting in fragile bones. Announcer:
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HCA240_Wk4 CheckPoint2_Radio Ad - HCA/240 Week 4 CheckPoint...

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