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Essay question: According to Camus, life is absurd but it can be joyous nonetheless. R.M. Hare argues that the claim that nothing matters is itself absurd, and that it is false. Is Camus or Hare right? Defend your conclusion with philosophical reasons. Make use of both texts.
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INTRODUCTION Existentialism, the philosophy of human existence, deals with fundamental questions such as the meaning of life and the question of mattering. With that being said, it is the reasoning which showcases a human life as practical in a meaningless and absurd universe. Absurdity, one of the main concerns of existentialism, claims that life is completely unreasonable, having no ultimate purpose. Albert Camus represented his idea of absurdity through his essay “Myth of Sisyphus.” Certain individuals such as R.M Hare, in opposition to Camus, argues that the claim that “nothing matters” is unjustified itself. Nonetheless, Camus’s sense of absurdity regarding human existence is rather persuasive. The meaning of life is unquestionably absurd, but comparatively joyous nonetheless. So, the absolute goals of humans, remains to be flawed and overall, nothing is actually accomplished in life. Camus’s philosophical argument is highly superior to Hare’s logical argument, hence the fact that Hare only questions the matter of concern. EXPLICATION The Myth of Sisyphus, known as the tale of hopelessness, illustrates the unreasonable character who performs a useless task, pushing a rock up a hill. This is the result of the character, Sisyphus, angering one of the “great” gods and so was condemned to pushing a rock uphill. It’s not the matter of rolling the boulder up, but the fact that once it’s at the top, it’s rolled back down and he must start all over again. “One must imagine Sisyphus is happy.” (Camus 1955) What Camus claims is that regardless the meaningless task, Sisyphus is filled with satisfaction. R.M Hare argues that the impression that nothing matters is unreasonable itself. This is done through the story he tells through a friend, who believes Camus’s argument. So, Hare questions him, what does it really mean to say something matters, or does not matter? “When we say something
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philo essay - Essay question: According to Camus, life is...

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