bach life - o Parents died in 1694 -> moved to live with...

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Bach : o Born March 31 st , 1685; died July 28 th 1750 o German composer o Played harpsichord, violin, viola, and the organ Early Life: o Youngest child o Father: Johann Ambrosius Bach; Mother: Maria Lammerhirt Father: director of town musicians o Father taught violin and harpsichord to him o Uncles were all professionals o Uncle: Johann Christoph Bach taught him to play organ
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Unformatted text preview: o Parents died in 1694 -> moved to live with his brother (Johann Christoph Bach) o Copied, studied, and performed ^ o his brother taught him clavichord and exposed him to South German (ie. Pachelbel), French, and Italian music o given a choral scholarship to St. Michael’s School at 14 o even more exposure to European culture o...
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