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Final Exam Instructions - These materials must be discussed...

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR Soc 1: Introduction to Sociology Final Exam Tues, Dec. 8 (8 – 11 a.m.) Name____________________ Turn in this exam sheet with your blue book(s). The exam is cumulative, with most emphasis on the second half of the quarter. PLEASE BRING TWO BLUE BOOKS! The exam is designed to take two hours, but you have a total of three hours. Using a blue book, please write two essays. You will not have a choice of essay questions. Each essay should be several paragraphs. Each is worth 50% of the exam grade. You may answer either one first. Budget your time! Both answers will be graded on your demonstrated grasp of the course materials.
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Unformatted text preview: These materials must be discussed in a specific manner. Cite your sources by authors name and/or cite the lecture, as appropriate (e.g., course lecture). In addition, each answer should make a clear argument and will be graded on the coherence of your argument and the completeness of your answer. The exam is open-book and open-note. Your exam sources should only be hard copies of course readings, lectures, and this exam sheet. Do not use computers, cell phones, mp3 players, or other electronic devices, and do not use outside sources of any kind. The exam sheet will include a reading list of relevant course readings. 1...
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