Chapter 10 - [This set of tutorial sheet is under the...

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[This set of tutorial sheet is under the copyright of Mr N and is provided for free of charge.] Chapter 10: The Civilization of Renaissance Renaissance Renaissance: Rebirth Rebirth of the learning and culture of the classical period The learning and arts of Ancient Greece and Rome Basic Characteristics Rediscovering the works of both Greek and Roman writers Studying other forms of art such as sculpture, architecture and painting The important intellectual knowledge: Humanism 2 different meanings 1. Dignity of man as the most excellent of all God’s creatures below the angels 2. A programme of study - Emphasis on language, literature, history and ethics - Secular theme Birthplace: Italy The main reasons - The centre of Roman civilization Patronage system (The rich support artists and thinkers to produce their works) - Bourgeois(The middle class: Wealthy merchants) patronised artists and humanists. - The most famous patrons: de’ Medici family in Florence - Lorenzo de Medici (Lorenzo the magnificent) - Pope Leo X (Lorenzo de Medici’s son) Italian Renaissance Writers Francis Petrarch/Francesco Petrarca - Humanism Programme ‘Father of Humanism’ - Petrarchan sonnets or Italian sonnets Father of Renaissance L iterature’ Pico Della Mirandola - Oration on the Dignity of Man ‘There is nothing to be seen more wonderful than man’ Baldassare Castiglione - The Book of the Courtier The Renaissance Man (well-rounded person) Women’s role s to society Niccolò Machiavelli (the greatest political philosopher) - The Prince (policies and practices of government) A good ruler should not trust anybody. He should be cunning (like a fox) and powerful (like a lion). Italian Renaissance Arts Painting The two important schools of painting - The Florentine school - The Venetian school The Florentine school Giotto
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Chapter 10 - [This set of tutorial sheet is under the...

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