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Unformatted text preview: [This set of tutorial sheet is under the copyright of Mr N and is provided for free of charge.] Chapter 11: Protestant Reformation and Catholic Reformation Reformation and Counter-reformation Protestant Reformation- Started in Germany - Reformation was based upon the conflict between people and Catholic Church Conflicts: - Babylonian Captivity (of the Papacy) - King Philip IV of France captured Pope Boniface VIII from Rome to Avignon. - Great schism - There were two popes because a new pope was appointed in Rome. The Sparkling Event: - Pope Leo X ordered to sell indulgences throughout Europe to repair St. Peters Church in Rome. Martin Luther A German priest He posted his Ninety-five Theses on his church door. The Ninety- five Theses rejected many of papacys practices He moved to Saxony, Germany Frederick of Saxony, protected him from the Roman Catholic Church Martin Luther translated Bible into German language and established a new sect of Christianity, Lutheranism...
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