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[This set of tutorial sheet is under the copyright of Mr N and is provided for free of charge.] Chapter 14: EUROPE'S POLITICAL REVOLUTIONS AND AMERICAN REVOLUTION 2 Great movements of Romanticism - American War of Independence/American Revolutionary War - French Revolution/Révolution française American War of Independence (1773-1783) - Occurred during the reign of King George III of England. The British moved from England to 13 colonies of America. King George announced that all the British had to pay tax and return tax to England. They accepted this idea. King George III issued a new law, Stamp Act of 1765, to collect tax from many printed materials from American colonists. American people still accepted this law. King George III, again, issued a new law, Tea Act, to collect tax from American colonies. The American colonists opposed this idea. They introduced their slogan ‘No taxation without representation.’ 16 December 1773: Bostonians destroyed the tea in British ships. ‘B
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