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Chapter 16 - [This set of tutorial sheet is under the...

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[This set of tutorial sheet is under the copyright of Mr N and is provided for free of charge.] Chapter 16: World War I (1914-1918) World War I The important factors 1. Economic problems - The problems of tariff and competition for foreign markets - The conflict between Britain and Germany 2. Colonial conflicts - Germany set up the national unification in 1871. - Germany attacked small countries. - Almost every parts of the world belonged to Britain. 3. Conflict between alliance systems - Otto von Bismarck, the German chancellor, introduced alliance system in 1879. - Germany + Austria-Hungary + Italy ‘Triple Alliance’ . - France + Russia + Britain ‘Triple Entente’ 4. Nationalist aspirations - Alsace-Lorraine (France) was ruled by Germany although people there were French. - Habsburg ruled Austria-Hungary, an empire consisting of many small groups of people such as Czech, Slovaks, Poles, Serbs, Ruthenians, etc. The triggering event
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