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Clinical Treatment Programs-Law - Clinical Treatment...

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Clinical Treatment Programs -the 4 models of clinical treatment *Counseling, casework, psychological, and psychiatric and group therapy Drug Abuse Treatment -drug abuse biggest problem -approach to the problem-increase prison capacity-expand drug treatment services -therapeutic community-a total treatment environment established in a separate residential unit of prison Conjugal visitation -conjugal visitation-the practice of permitting inmate and spouse to spend time together in private quarters on prison grounds, during which time they may engage in sexual relations -Doe vs. Coughlin-an inmate w/ AIDS couldn’t participate in conjugal visitation Prisonization - prisonization-the socializing process by which the inmate learns the rules and regulations of the institution and the informal rules, values, customs, and general culture of the penitentiary -the process of prisonization transforms the new inmate into a fully accredited convict, called criminalization process that militates against reform or rehabilitation
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Clinical Treatment Programs-Law - Clinical Treatment...

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