Chapter 18-LAw - Chapter 18_Juvenille Justice The Nature of...

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Chapter 18_Juvenille Justice The Nature of Juvenile Justice -juvenile-a person who has not reached the age of majority and therefore is deemed to have special status-they can be charged w/ violations of the criminal law but because of their special status an alternative system has evolved for dealing w/ juvenile lawbreakers -juvenille justice system-children be protected and corrected not punished -a young person come to the attention of the juvenile courts by violating a criminal law or being charged w/ having committed a status offense-an act declared by statue to be crime because it violates the behavior standards expected of children, or because the behavior of an adult-abuse -juvenile justice system based on the theory that all children are treatable and that judicial intervention will result in positive behavioral change Emergence of the Juvenile Justice -started during the early 19 th century -1 st occurred in Chicago Parens Patriae Parens patriae-a philosophy under which the states take over the role of the parent Modern Juvenile Courts -the jurisdiction of juvenile courts is defined in terms of the offender’s age and alleged offense -delinquency-criminal law violations that would be considered crimes if committed by an adult -delinquent-a juvenile offender who has been adjudicated by an officer of a juvenile court -adjudication-in juvenile proceedings the court’s decision or judgment -3 categories of children-delinquents, status offenders, and dependent/neglected
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Chapter 18-LAw - Chapter 18_Juvenille Justice The Nature of...

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