Chapter 16-Law - Chapter 16 Johnson v. Avery Johnson v....

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Chapter 16 Johnson v. Avery Johnson v. Avery-the supreme court ruling that unless a state provides some reasonable legal assistance to inmates seeking postconviction relief, a jailhouse lawyer must be permitted to aid inmates in filing habeaus corpus petitions Jailhouse lawyers -they were seen as potential troublemakers by advising inmates of their legal rights they would create dissatisfactions within the prison population that could lead to revolt and would give clients inferior representation and false hopes Constitutional Rights and Civil Disabilities Civil death-the loss of all civil right-a right that belongs to a person by virtue of his or her citenzenship Religion Fulwood v. Clemmer-Black Muslims had the right to hold religious services and are entitled to the same consituttional protections as those offered to other recognized religions Cruz v. Beto-ruled that the action of not letting him use the chapel was discrimination in violation of the equal protection clause of the 14 th amendment Male and Media Interviews Wolff v. McDonnell-officials are permitted to open a communication from an attorney to check for contraband, but it must be done in the presence of the inmate and the contents must not be read Procunier v. Martinez- the Supreme Court ruling that prison mail censorship is constitutional only when the practice furthers government interests in security and rehabilitation and when the restrictions are no greater than necessary to satisfy the particular government interest involved Thornburgh v. Abbott-the Supreme Court ruling that federal prison regulations restricting prisoners’ receipt of publications from outside prison pass 1
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Chapter 16-Law - Chapter 16 Johnson v. Avery Johnson v....

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