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North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360 Marketing Methods Lecture Summary Chapter 3 Marketing Ethics Scope of Marketing Ethics Business Ethics Defined Ethical study that examines ethical rules and principles within a commercial context The various moral or ethical problems that might arise in a business setting Any special obligations that apply to persons engaged in commerce Marketing Ethics Defined Ethical problems that are specific to marketing. These can include: Unethical/deceptive advertising Promotion of shoddy/dangerous products Sale of products that damage the environment Use of sweatshops to produce products Deceptive advertising Marketing of dangerous products Ethical Issues and Marketing Decisions Marketing and sales people rank poorly as being ethical Marketing has a great opportunity to create customer trust Creating an Ethical Workplace Climate Requires that everyone within the firm share the same understanding of the values established and how they translate into the business activities of the firm. Influence of Personal Ethics Individual ethics is influenced by environment and culture Often people must choose between conflicting outcomes Questions asked relating to ethical scandals - What makes people take actions that create so much harm - Are all individuals engaged in that behavior immoral or unethical Why Do People Act Unethically What makes people take actions that create so much harm? Are all individuals who engage in questionable behavior just immoral or unethical American Marketing Association Code of Ethics BUS 360DE Chapter 03 Summary  Instructor Weems
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General Norms Marketers must do no harm Marketers must foster trust in the marketing system Marketers must embrace, communicate and practice the fundamental ethical values that
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BUS360DEChptr03Smry - North Carolina State University...

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