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BUS360DEChptr05Asgnmnt - use it as the emergency do I need...

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North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360 Marketing Methods Chapter 5 Assignment Chapter 05: Consumer Behavior Binbin Shao Bus 360 Assignment: Describe two products: one you recently went and purchased without much thought and one that took some deliberation on your part. 1. List all of the factors you considered when making each purchase. 2. Why did you spend a different amount of time and effort deciding on your purchases of the two products and how much time did you spend? 3. What other person and/or source did you use when making each decision and how did they help you Number your answers and enter below 1. I buy a fever pill without much thought. I buy a jacket that took some deliberation. And I without thought: price, emergency to use, value. Took some deliberation: price, location, brand, value, use or not, discount. 2. I spend a lot of the time and effort deciding on the product purchase is because I need to consider that is the product value for me, how much is it compares with the discount, do I
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Unformatted text preview: use it as the emergency, do I need it right now as my demand? And will the price goes down after the season? I buy the jacket for consider about the 3 weeks because it is about the 50% off it is the cheaper I can get. 3. The internet, magazine, my friend, discount ad newspaper are all of the resources help me make the decision. The internet is the most helpful resource helps me consider should I buy the product or not because while I go to the internet I could compare the price among the many different website and get the cheaper price. I also could ask my friend for the advice should I buy that product and will the product get more discount? BUS 360DE Chapter 05 Assignment –Instructor: Weems I certify that I completed this Chapter exercise without assistance from anyone and that these answers are solely my own work. Binbin shao MIE 480 Student Profile Turn Over...
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BUS360DEChptr05Asgnmnt - use it as the emergency do I need...

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