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BUS360DEChptr07Asgnmnt - North Carolina State University...

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North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360 Marketing Methods Chapter 7 Assignment Chapter 07: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Binbin Shao Bus 360 Assignment: Go to: Prizm. Market Segmentation Research. Market Segmentation Research Tools. Market Segment Research. Market Segments, Consumer Market Segments, and Customer www.claritas.com/MyBestSegments/Default.jsp and do the following: 1. Click on the tab that says “Zip Code Lookup” then enter your zip code. What are the segments found for your zip code? Click on one of those segments. What are the description, social group, life stage group, 2008 statistics, lifestyle traits and demographic traits for your selection? 2. Go back to that same website and click on “segment lookup”. Select “24 up and comers”. What information did you learn about that group? Number your answers and enter below 1. the segments include the Boomtown Singles, City Startups, Mobility Blues, Up-and-Comers, Young Influentials. In the City Startups it is young, multi-ethnic singles have settled in
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