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BUS360DEChptr13Asgnmnt - Kreme donuts in the crispy Kreme...

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North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360 Marketing Methods Chapter 13 Assignment Chapter 13: Supply Chain Management Binbin Shao Bus 360-601 Assignment: Research each of the following consumer products: a.Keebler Cookies sold through grocery stores b.Krispy Kreme donuts sold through franchises c. www.polo.com by Ralph Lauren 1. Identify and describe what type of vertical marketing system is used by each. 2. Select which system you consider to be the most efficient and explain why. Number your answers and enter below 1. The Keebler cookies is the Administered Vertical Marketing System and there is no common ownership and no contractual relationship but the dominate channel member control the channel relationship. The grocery store just buys the Keebler Cookies and sell to the customers there has no contract or trademark something like this between the grocery store and Keebler Cookies. The crispy Kreme donuts is the Corporate Vertical Market Systems because it’s supply chain is owned by one organization and you only can find the crispy
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Unformatted text preview: Kreme donuts in the crispy Kreme donuts store. Polo.com is the Contractual Vertical Market System and it is a formalized contract which the terms and responsibilities are spelled out. 2. I think that in the vertical marketing system the Independent or Conventional Supply Chain is the most efficient but unfortunately all those three examples above giver are not belonging with it. Because in the independent or conventional supply chain the independent members each attempt to satisfy their own objectives and maximize their own profits often at the expense of the other members. Which means close to the monopoly business like the Microsoft. BUS 360DE Chapter 13 Assignment –Instructor: Weems I certify that I completed this Chapter exercise without assistance from anyone and that these answers are solely my own work. MIE 480 Student Profile Turn Over...
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