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North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360 Marketing Methods Chapter Assignment Chapter 01: Overview of Marketing Binbin Shao Bus 360 Assignment: Visit the eBay website and explore its features, capabilities and focus. Then answer the following questions. 1. According to the breakdown in Exhibit 1.5 in Chapter 1 which of the four orientations best describes eBay and what is the basis for your answer? 2. Does eBay provide greater value for buyers of collectibles than they get from traditional channels? Explain your answer in terms of greater benefits, reduced costs or a combination. 3. How well does eBay facilitate the exchanges of goods? Does it offer the same potential for exchanges that involve services? Explain your answers. Number your answers and enter below 1. The ebay best describes as the value based marketing ear. Because the ebay generally have transcended a production or selling orientation and attempt to discover and satisfy their customer’s needs and wants. Unlike the Microsoft and walmart those companies because
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BUS360RgChptr01Asgnmnt - North Carolina State University...

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