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COMP5000 - Computer Resources and Information Management Midterm Exam What is a data warehouse? How is it different from a transactional database? Data warehouse is a huge collection of data that supports management decision-making. The purpose of data warehouses is to let managers produce reports or analyze large amounts of archival data and make decisions. Data warehouses do not replace transactional databases, which are updated with daily transactions such as billing, cash receipts, and returns. Data warehouses are designed to record periodic snapshots of the transactional databases. Unlike data warehouses, transactional database are usually not suitable for business analysis because they contain current, not historical, data. Often, data in transactional database are also scattered in different systems throughout an organization. The same data are often stored differently and under other names. Also, transactional systems were simply not designed for the decision support. As such, they are often incompatible with computer-based decision aids such as decision support systems. What is an intranet, and what purposes does it serve? What is the difference between an intranet and an extranet? Intranet is a network that uses web-browsing software that serves employees within an organization. Intranets are often used in multisite organizations. They offer employees information, enable them to change benefits programs online, and help them access organizational databases for their daily work. An Intranet Webs site can enhance productivity through …. . Sending and receiving internal e-mail Collaborative processing Order processing Providing personal Web pages Extranet is similar to an intranet, but its purpose is to facilitate communication and trade between an organization and its business partners, such as clients or suppliers. List and explain the benefits of videoconferencing to an organization. List and explain the benefits to society. Saves travel costs and the time of highly salaried employees For example, if managers from two remote sites wanted to confer in person, they had to travel to a meeting place. Now, people sitting in a conference room thousands of miles apart are brought together by what is called videoconferencing. For society videoconferencing reduces traffic congestion and air pollution. Videoconferencing is also used as a learning tool for remote students. Students who are not able to attend a classroom are sometimes able to videoconference the class and receive the same benefits that classroom attendants are enjoying.
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What is hypermedia? How can it be used in searching literature, in training, and in learning a foreign language? Hypermedia is perhaps the Web’s most essential ingredient, this feature enables a
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COMP5000_MidTerm - COMP5000 Computer Resources and...

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