COSC5000_FinalExam - 1 Define middleware in terms of...

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1) Define “middleware” in terms of interfaces and delivery attributes. middleware is software that provides a programming model above the basic building blocks of processes and message passing. It implements abstractions that support network-wide programming. For example: O-O- interfaces Event distribution Resource discovery for mobile and ubiquitous computing Multimedia streaming 2) Explain the value of standards in the development of distributed architectures. Without using standards the implementation of the distributed would be a risky task. Let’s use the internet here because it can be used as an example of distributed system. The OSI layer is one of the standards followed when defining protocols like TCP/IP. Different systems making up the Distributed systems would be incompatible. 3) Discuss the application requirements of multi-media development. Non-interactive Net video and TV Video-on-demand E-learning. . Interactive Voice and video conference Interactive TV Tele-medicine Multi-user games Live music
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COSC5000_FinalExam - 1 Define middleware in terms of...

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